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DIY - crochet a small and practical net bag

DIY Hållbart Hantverk Mönster Nätkasse Virka

Spring turns into summer as May draws to a close. If you're looking for an easy diy project to pack in your beach bag, I have a good one for you. To crochet a small, cute and practical net bag for fruits and vegetables. In addition to being an easy and quick craft, it's also a smart and sustainable way to use leftover yarn for something you often use. 

Sustainability is more than avoiding plastic

Although it's great that most people have stopped using plastic bags for their fruit and veggies, disposable paper bags are not much better. And buying reusable bags that have been manufactured, packaged and shipped feels sort of contradictory. If you like to knit and crochet  you most definitely will have leftover yarn lying around. Or if you have an ufo - unfinished project - you don't feel for, rip it up and reuse. For a net bag, you don't need much.

Crochet hook, yarn and some peace and quiet

All you need to get started is a crochet hook, some yarn and a cozy corner to crochet in. I've used a pink and purple skein from Onion Knit. It's a mixture of organic cotton and merino wool that was left after a sweater I knitted. Although this yarn is quite thin, I have chosen to use a crochet hook size 6.

Start with a number of chain stitches that can be divided by 3. I've crocheted 21 stitches

Rounds 1 to 3

Crochet 21 chain stitches or any other number you can divide by 3. Mark the 21st stitch with your finger and crochet 5 more chain stitches. Go back to your marking and fasten with a slip stitch 3 stitches back so that a loop is formed. Crochet another 5 chain stitches, skip 2 stitches and fasten with a slip stitch in the 3rd stitch of the bottom row. Then continue the round out. You should now have 6 loops on one side of row 1. Repeat on the other side. When you have finished round 3, you have created the bottom of the bag.

Crochet loops on each side of the first round to form the bottom of your net bag.

Crochet the net

Now crochet the net of the bag. Crochet 5 chain stitches and fasten them with a slip stitch in the nearest loop on the row below. Continue until you have reached the desired length of the bag. I crocheted 18 rounds.

Crochet the number of rounds needed to get the right length of the bag.

End and handle

When you're happy with the length, make a final round with regular stitches. Crochet 4 sts in each loop around the top of the bag. Then crochet about 40 chain stitches to form the handle. Vary the number of stitches depending on how long you want the handle to be. Fasten on the opposite side with a slip stitch. Finish by strengthening the handle by crocheting another round with regular stitches. Break the thread and pull it through the last stitch. All you have to do now is attach loose ends and you're done!

Finish with a round of regular stitches. Here I have changed from purple to pink as a nice detail.

Stroll around the market a 'la France

Once you have crocheted a net bag, you will quickly crochet several of them. By increasing the number of chain stitches in the bottom, you'll get a larger bag. For me, a net bag feels incredibly French. Something to bring to the food market. To walk around among the stalls to the brim filled with fruit, vegetables and cheese. Read on the small black signs with the prices handwritten with white chalk and bicker and laugh with the sellers who loudly offer the best strawberries in town. To fill your bag with cheese, bread, vegetables and fruit to cook and eat with family and friends. That's why I feel a little bit French every time I bring my net bag to the store.

Sweet and practical net bags for fruit and vegetables.

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