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KAL - Knit along Sunset Dress

DIY Hållbart Hantverk KAL Mönster Slow fashion Stickning

You know what it's like in the summer? Those heavy, socially critical books from Nobel prize winners are being put back on the shelf and the more easily digestible crime novels are coming out. When you're on holiday, it's nice to have something simple to bring to the beach. Something that doesn't require much thinking but at the same time is entertaining. Just like a summer knitting should be! Therefore, I will start a summer KAL. If you want to keep up, I will run a spontaneous and easy KAL, Knit along, of a knitted dress. 

Knit with me

It's fun to knit together. Therefore, I'll make my summer project available for you too. When I knit in my spare time, this is not work, I usually sketch with the yarn. That means I just knit as I go. I have a basic idea, find a suitable yarn and then cast on.

When I have a suitable yarn, I cast on and knit as I go.

Sometimes the inspiration comes directly from the yarn, sometimes from something in nature, a picture or a feeling. This time it was a sunset that kick started the creativity. The colours, the light and the feeling of sitting in front of a sunset by the sea one late evening in July. I want to create that in a dress!

A Sunset Dress on the needles

Usually, as I said, I cast on some stitches and go after my own head. But since I invite you to join in, I've made a small sketch of how I picture the dress. It will reach just above the knees and have short sleeves. The model is straight with a round and fairly high neckline. 

Sketch of Sunset Dress in my choice of colour.

You need yarn and circular needles

To get started, you need yarn with gauge 22 m = 10 cm. You'll need yarn in six colours. I'm using Onion Knit Organic Cotton + Merino Wool in the colours yellow, orange, light pink, cerise, light purple, dark purple/gray. It will be a kind of a knitted ombre. In addition, you'll need circular needles size 2.5 or 3 mm, depending on how hard you knit. It doesn't matter how used you are to knitting or what size you have, everyone can join. But if you feel like you need to have an exact pattern to follow, it may not be for you. This is a spontaneous knitting, created in the moment. Just as it's a surprise to you, it is to me as well. The only difference is that I'll take the lead. All parts posted have been knitted by me already.

This summer's DIY

KAL - Sunset Dress will be posted here in the blog. When a new part is posted, it will be announced in Social Media. The first part is coming tomorrow, so check your stash for the perfect yarn and we'll get started!

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