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KAL - Sunset Dress is on! Part 1

Design DIY Hållbart Hantverk KAL Mönster Stickning Sunset Dress

It's a Friday in June, the summer has just started and so has Sunset Dress KAL! Now it's time to release the first part of this summer's knit along and I hope you want to join. 

A perfect place for a moment of knitting.

Part 1 - Calculate the number of stitches

Finally I get to share part 1! Now that you have chosen yarn and found a circular needle, it's time to cast on and get started. We'll knit the dress from the bottom up. Since this is a surprise project that I knit as I go, it hasn't been test knitted before. Not even mine is ready! Be sure to knit a sample patch first. If the gauge is 22 sts = 10 cm, you can easily calculate how many stitches you need to get the size you want.

I will knit a dress that corresponds to M. The model is straight and I don't want it too big. I therefore want a circumference on the dress of 110 cm so that it fits boobs and bum. 110 cm/10 cm = 11. 11 * 22 sts = 242 sts. Since the pattern spans over 6 sts, the number must be dividable by 6, 240 sts. I subtract 6 sts for the rib and will tehrefore cast on 234 sts. The sizes below are approximate. By using the same calculation as above, you can calculate exactly how many sts you need to get your measurements. But don't knit too big! Remember that knitted garments ALWAYS stretches.

Like a sun!


S - circumference about 100 cm.

M - circumference about 110 cm. 

L - circumference about 120 cm.

Cast on circular needle 2.5 - 3 mm:

S - 216 sts.

M - 234 sts.

L - 258 sts.

It starts with a rib

Now that you've cast on stitches with the yellow yarn, which symbolizes the sun itself, on a circular needle, you shall start with the rib. Knit 4 and purl 2 sts until you have the desired length of rib. Since I don't want a wide cuff on my dress, I have knitted 15 rounds. Now we're up and running!

Part 1 is ready!


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