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Spa, swimming and 50th anniversary party in Roslagen

5 års fest Bada Barn Grisslehamn Hav Inredning Linne Slow fashion spa

"On Roslagen’s isle, in a flowery bay,
Where ripples wash in from the sea,
The reeds slowly rock, and the sweet new-mown hay
Is wafting its fragrance to me
. "
Calle Schewen's Waltz, Evert Taube

Some days etches themselves deep inside the soul. And last weekend makes some of them. My forever young and fabulous sister-in-law Jessica celebrated 50 years by gathering the whole family for three days in Grisslehamn.

Super lovely Jessica in a 70s inspired party outfit. 

During the weekend we played games, hung out and laughed. If you haven't visited the spa at Hotell Havsbaden in Grisslehamn yet, do it! Since we together have six little cousins of the same age, the spa experience was a little less relaxed and peaceful and a little more full speed. Not the same perhaps, though still amazing! But the weekend probably goes down in history as an orgy of gluttony. We ate, ate more and then some. On this note, I must take the opportunity to highly recommend the brunch at Hotel Havsbaden. 

Swimming, sandy beaches and happy children

 Grisslehamn is very picturesque and cozy. Between the celebrations, we had time for a walk to Engströmsviken. For us northerners, it was wonderful to throw off a few layers of clothing, run barefoot on a sandy beach, climb the rocks and splash around on the shoreline. Even though it is still very cold, both Svante and I threw ourselves into the water and can check off this year's first sea bath.

Happy children play in the sand and splash their feet in the water.

This year's first dip in the sea!

How do you not get the urge to jump in?

Viola linen pillow out and about

I gave a Viola knitted pillow in linen to our hosts, Åsa and Martin. And of course I took the opportunity to drag it to the beach for a mini photo session.

Viola black and unbleached linen outside Albert Engström's studio.

Summer feeling.

Rocks, sea, sun. Idyll.

Thanks for the weekend!

The world's biggest thanks to everyone who made the weekend so special! And an extra big and warm thank you to Jessica. You rock baby!


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