Worldwide shipping! Buy 2 or more linen pillows & get 10% off!
Worldwide shipping! Buy 2 or more linen pillows & get 10% off!
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Vass - a new design in store

Design Hantverk Hav Inredning Kuddar Linne Slow fashion Stickning Vass

I love knitting a new design! After hours of sketching by hand and on the computer, to finally see the pattern in yarn and stitches. When knitting on the machine the pattern is back to front, so I have to wait until I have worked through the whole piece and cast off before I can see the result. Exciting and scary at the same time! Luckily, I really like how Vass turned out.

Vass (reed) pillow knitted in linen together with the weekend bouquet from the garden.

Sea, cliffs, rolling waves and swaying reeds at the shoreline

Imagine a sun-warmed cliff, the sleepy rhytm of the waves and the faint rustling of the reeds in the breeze. Then you have the inspiration for Vass (that means reed in Swedish). Above all, I was looking for the feeling of simplicity and freedom. The same feeling as a day off by the sea. Without requirements, without musts and everyday stress. Just bare skin and being in the present.

Neither summer nor sea, but a hot day in May on the patio. Here I am wearing a knitted top in linen and the pattern Viola.

Nice to decorate the balcony or patio with

One, or why not a whole bunch of, pillows in linen on the patio or balcony raises the coziness big time. Vass with its narrow, swaying leaves fits nicely. Especially like here in green and unbleached linen.

Here, the sofa on the balcony has been joined by Vass.

Do you like the new design?

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Happy Friyay!


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