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Crocheted bikini tops and hanging out with my girl

Bada Bikini Diabetes Hantverk Slow fashion Virkat

Surely you are a girl even at 44? This weekend, my bff and I had an incredibly long-awaited and much-needed sleepover. Just the girls hanging out. Before the big gluttony began, we took a nice forest walk by a windy and dramatic Storsjön. 

Blood sugar disco

You will never get time off from diabetes. It doesn't mean you can't live life as usual. However, you need to plan better. I have never been one who keeps track of things, not the one who prepares, plans and organizes. Even if diabetes becomes a part of you, of your everyday life, it happens that I make mistakes. Like the time I brought too little insulin to the Finnish archipelago. Of course there is insulin in Finland, but it did cost me a whole day to go back and forth through the archipelago and quite a few euros. This weekend I forgot to bring something to eat on the walk. So I had to pause in the middle of the field while Lina went home and picked up some survival chocolate.

With the total carb-eating gluttony that followed, the blood sugar had a proper salsa party. Worth it? You bet! Even though I, and every other diabetics, never get a break, it's nice to be able to let go of control just a little bit sometimes. 

Crocheted tops and a fuss about cold baths

If you aren't tired of me nagging about cold baths yet, it may just be a matter of time. But it's really addictive! So from now on until the lake freezes to ice I'll bomb you with bathe pictures. Since I was by the lake already, I took the opportunity to take photos of some bikini tops that are for sale on Instagram.

Here is a coral pink top tied at the front. Like the other bikini tops, it is crocheted in a mix of hemp and organic cotton. 

Here is a dove blue one. Super nice as a bikini or crop top. The tops are crocheted quite sparsely so you are welcome to use inserts.

This gray is beautiful! The tops fit a size 36/38 and cost SEK 400 each. Craving any of them? Or all three? Check out Beknitteds Facebook or Instagram and send a message.

Go out and swim!


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